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Denny Reed is the owner of TrikeSchool LLC (formerly Backcountry Aerosports Inc). He has been a Trike Instructor & Guide since 2001. He has logged over 7000 hours of teaching 'in trikes' with a perfect safety record. He was the 1st FAA Certified Light Sport Flight Instructor in Eastern Washington & Northern Idaho. He currently splits his time between Cheney, WA and Scottsdale, AZ. He loves being outside, his family, contract engineering & 'playing airplane'...

Denny grew up in a small farming community in Eastern Washington where his folks ran a small auto parts store & enjoyed their kids. He went to Whitworth College, a private christian college on a football scholarship. With hopes of becoming an engineer, yet worthless as a student, he managed to graduate with a degree in Business and minor in Physics. After graduation, he immediately moved to Seattle for a job as a development engineer in the marine industry.

It was a great job for a few years. But, as an athletic, outdoorsy guy stuffed into a post-modernistic bullshit office - the ladder to success looked a heck of a lot more like a fire pole to a fat ass. Figuring that many entrepreneurs are born at their desk around 3am, Denny unplugged & transferred his 401K. All he remembers is that there was no traffic & no rain to the south that morning. And that was extremely weird for Seattle...

Since buying an ultralight trike is obviously the most logical re-investment of retirement funds, that's what he did. Shortly thereafter, he got totally ripped off on his first trike by Don Reinhard of Personal Flight in Chelan, WA. And the dream was in full swing.

Knowing the sport had promise but very little support, he packed up the trike & pinned Kemmeries Aviation in Phoenix, AZ on the map - via an 8-week detour skiing in the Rockies of course...

While living in the parking lot at Big Sky Mountain in Montana, a chance meeting with Warren Miller commended his lifestyle change but further challenged him to shut off the heat in the RV. According to Warren, he was a p@ssy for not living in a frozen VW like he did 40 years prior. 7 weeks later, the water system in the RV finally thawed out as he rolled into Arizona - via Spring Break in Lake Havasu of course...

After completing solo training at Kemmeries, he realized he was flat broke. So, he squatted in a tent in the desert for 3 months, lived on cup-o-noodles & became a Trike Instructor just like any other aspiring engineer would do when he has no good reason to prioritize anything.

With a few students under his belt, Denny started Backcountry Aerosports Inc on September 10th, 2001. The next day, the World Trade Center was attacked & the nation's airspace was closed for the rest of the season. And the dream continued.

With airspace issues on the burner, the only other place to fly freely was Europe. So, he sold his RV & went there to learn where the sport developed & where it should go in the US - via some quality time in southern France & Ibiza, Spain of course...

Denny came home & hit the road with the trike. When not pirating wi-fi from Starbucks to complete small engineering projects, Denny started setting the trike up at pretty much any venue in the Northwest that would allow it, and even some that didn't.

The next year he launched a seasonal gig in a small town outside Spokane next to the skydiving operation where he could test the viability of the business. Within months, a sleepy little airport became Top Gun for eccentric bird men & the number of trikes quickly out-numbered the airplanes. After about 2 summers of countless early mornings & late evenings, a client "buzzed the tower" over the Mickey Rooney concert at the local fair & the town immediately passed an ordinance banning ultralights from the airport. After the FAA & Dept of Transportation notified the town that they would need to "buy" the airport back from the government if they were going to discriminate against any type of aviation, it was reopened - but it was time to move the dream...

After diving back full-time into the contract engineering world in the Fall of 2004, Denny was flying around eastern Washington and the terrain ravaged by the Ice Age Floods as recent as 10,000 years ago. He landed atop Prosser Butte just outside Spokane, WA & proximal to a small college town of Cheney, WA. He stood around & wondered: "Can an airstrip be built on top of a hill?"

You bet your ass it can.

Our Goals & Objectives:
It is our intention to offer an truly experienced, yet unbiased education of the top 5 brands of trikes & culture that surrounds them. It is our goal to be genuine, trustworthy & fun to work with balance with the risk of sharing the dream of flight with you. It's our objective to operate as a nationally respected trike operation while developing the culture in the Western United States. We will offer a balanced combination of equipment, education, research & development, and events to people who will appreciate it.

General Vision:
Aviation in general, the ownership of a trike, and the participation in the sport is a natural progression through 3 phases.

Phase One: Discovery & Research
Phase Two: Training & Ownership
Phase Three: Support & Affiliation

The vision of our company capitalizes on these phases. In Phase One, we focus our energy on promotion, events & warm invitation to who we are and what we do. We will establish ourselves as a fun, yet reliable and predictable resource to the our clients. In Phase Two, we will focus on the Training & Education necessary for the client to make an unbiased & informed decision on an aircraft while we identify the training technique necessary for each unique client. Phase Three of our operation focuses on continuing support & education along with aerotrekking, expeditions, & events both domestic & international. Throughout these phases, we will continue to assist our manufacturers with design improvements & industry development through field reports, competition & testing.

Overall Mission & Purpose:
"Expedition Quality." With a genuine passion and respect for the sport, it is our mission to promote only the safest, elite quality personal aircraft & services available. We are ultimately committed to the lifestyle and people pursuing the essence of pure adventure, as we do.
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